Cellu M6 Alliance

Ideal Body clinic offers slimming treatments with high technology The LPG Cellu M6 Alliance that eliminates fat cells on targeted areas: hips, thighs, buttocks, breeches, arms and face, accelerating the destocking process fat cells. From the first sessions, the results are visible: your skin is firmer, your wrinkles are smoothed, and the effect of orange peel is reduced.

With Cellu M6 Alliance LPG treatments, you lose several centimeters depending on the treated area and eliminate the orange peel effect. The treatment acts very effectively on the areas whose fats are the most difficult to destock, such as breeches of horse, belly, "handle of love" ... During the sessions carried out within our centers slimming, our technicians carry out regular movements combining massage and aspiration of the cells responsible for the storage of fat (adipocytes).

Your figure will be refined, your curves will gradually disappear and your skin will regain its elasticity Cellu M6 ALLIANCE LPG technology also acts on the legs heavy and painful, swollen feet and ankles, these symptoms translate poor blood circulation and lymphatic with water retention, this technology will allow you to lose volume and thus find light legs!


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