Chronic Pain Relief with Fotona

Living with chronic pain is exhausting and frustrating. Those who suffer have to live with discomfort on a daily basis, and the constant search for treatments becomes frustrating, causing many people to disengage from the world. Chronic pain can limit their ability to live out their life to the fullest physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ideal Body Clinic has a drug-free solution that can help manage Chronic Pain.

Our Fotona laser system precisely targets problematic muscles with heat energy. The application of heat alleviates the tissues while helping the flow of lymphatic fluid, and reducing swelling this relieves pain and tension.

The heat from the laser is also known to stimulate healing; helping the body create tissue around the part of the body causing pain and strengthening it.

At Ideal Body Clinic your laser pain management will be fast, medication-free, safe and effective. Don’t wait any longer call us today and book your free consultation 514-998-0998


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