Electrocoagulation is the removal of skin tags, angioma spots and broken capillaries. Electrocoagulation is method of removing various skin lesions, as well as broken capillaries with an electric current. Electrocoagulation procedure is one of the best methods of papillomas, warts, birthmarks, dermatofibromas, keratomas and other non-malignant skin lesions removal, as well as telangiectasias and angiomas removal. Electro coagulation is a method of introducing electrical current and transforming fluids into solid matter. This method effectively destroys: broken facial capillaries (tiny blood vessels), ruby points, skin tags and skin blotches. Once removed, they will never return. Only a slight tingle is experienced. Aside from that, it's virtually painless. This method is very safe and leaves no scars. The treatment does work on everyone except people with certain skin conditions or if you are taking Accutane. Consult with one of our qualified technicians and they'll be happy to assist you.
60$/per zone