PRP (platelet-rich plasma)
Platelet-rich plasma, or also know as PRP, is a liquid substance that promotes effective healing, because of the platelets. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special platelet, which are also known to be good proteins, makes them good development factors. The development factors are necessary for the body to heal injuries, wounds and damaged tissues properly. The platelets are best known for their significance in thickening blood. PRP will encourage your body to rejuvenate, furthermore, your body creates new and healthier cells.

This procedure will encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss. Individuals who suffer from androgenic alopecia may take advantage of this therapy. Androgenic Alopecia is defined as being common type of hair loss observed in both males and females. Androgenic Alopecia is associated with the source of genetics, where androgens hormones play a very important role. Androgens are male hormones that regulate the hair growth.

1200$/per treatment