Nelly De Vuyst cosmetics

Ideal Body Clinic is happy to present to you the Nelly De Vuyst cosmetics. Nelly De Vuyst is a premium skin care brand with a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective, natural, anti-aging and corrective skin care lines on the market.

However, Nelly De Vuyst Bio|Femme collection focuses on the intimate feminine health. It provides a large variety of products intended for the care of the intimate feminine area. We offer a simple pH vaginal test to help you chose the best products for you in order to both maintain the intimate area health and to rebalance de pH level.

  • Maintains the pH balance
  • Firms the intimate feminine area
  • Relieves feelings of discomfort and candidiasis
  • Prevents the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.
  • PERFECT for women trying to maintain the hygiene, firmness and balance of the delicate skin of intimate feminine areas



“Nelly De Vuyst” Cleasing Foam for a daily hygiene balances the intimate flora and provides with a feeling of freshness all day long.

“Nelly De Vuyst” Firming Gel or Toner is perfect for treating the lack of firmness that occurs during menopause and after pregnancy.

“Nelly De Vuyst” Ingrown Hair Perfect is ideal post laser hair removal. This complex prevents skin rashes and ingrown hair and folliculitis.

Nelly De Vuyst” LubiElle moisturizes vaginal skin and reduces discomfort associated with the dryness of the intimate area.

“Nelly De Vuyst” pH Balancing or Soothing Gel helps to re-balance the physiological pH and the ecosystem while protecting from external aggressions.

“Nelly De Vuyst” Regenerating Serum is ideal for treating the dryness. The oils Prevent the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.

“Nelly De Vuyst” Soothing Mask is a perfect product to use for post-depilatory care. The mask is intended to calm irritations.

“Nelly De Vuyst” Zone Control is a 3-day complex that targets yeast infections. The complex relieves itching, redness, burning and feelings of discomfort and assists in re-balancing the intimate flora.

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