Spa manicure
Complete hand care including nail trimming, filing and polishing, cuticle care, exfoliation and a relaxing hand massage using Rivage products.
1 Treatment $30

Classic Manucure
Attentive examination of the hands for the presence of mechanical damage, and fungal skin disease. Shaping of nails. Warm bath with a solution, softening cuticles. Removing the cuticles and nail treatment roller. Polishing the nail plate.
1 Treatment $30
For Shellac additional 25$

Acrylic nails
An artificial nail is applied to your nail bed (usually sculpted beforehand to suit your nails) before being glued to it with liquid acrylic and powder. Usually it is glued to the tips of nails instead of whole nail bed. The result is a hard protective layer that can be used as a canvas if you wish to color your nails.
Acrylic nails are very strong and long lasting.
1 Treatment $60
Refill $30

Gel nails
Gel nails are applied by having 2-3 coats of gel nail polish applied. Every layer must be cured with a UV gel nail dryer before applying the next layer. This process can be generally quicker than having acrylic nails applied. Benefits: they are non-toxic so that pregnant women are not sidelined and are able to enjoy them as well. They are more realistic and natural looking.
1 Treatment $60
Refill $30

Spa pedicure
Nail trimming, filing and polishing, and cuticle care. Experience the benefits of the Dead sea products while feet are soaked, lightly exfoliated, massaged with oil and wrapped with mud.
1 Treatment $60

Classic pedicure
Begins with an exfoliation of the lower leg and foot while you relax and unwind during an aromatic foot soak. Followed by nail care essentials and hydrating massage. Finish it off with natural nail buffing.
1 Treatment $50
For Shellac additional 25$

Medical pedicure
The main advantage of medical pedicure is its safety and hygienic purity. Done by a professional podologue to address various feet problems such as diabetic foot, ingrown nail, feet pain, etc.
1 Treatment $80

BT Corporal Treatment3

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