Intraoral smooth lifting

No one is “immune” from aging. As a result, one may observe gradual changes in the body such as skin aging, which involves appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and “double chin”.
In our clinic we offer an innovative non-invasive intra-oral laser treatment by a state-of-art Fotona technology. This pain-free procedure consists of applying short pulses of laser light into the deep layers of skin intra-orally. This induces collagen production and allows for the skin tightening.

The possible side effects may include redness, itchiness, and hypersensitivity that would normally disappear within a week after the treatment.

Er: YAG laser is applied through the inside of your mouth. This causes intraoral collagen stimulation inside and outside. With this through and through stimulation, you get the plumping effect and can immediately see the nasolabial folds go away. It gives you a lift without any surgery, downtime or injections.

  • Tightens skin deeply from the inside out
  • Plumps like filler but longer lasting
  • Lifts the cheeks and corners of the mouth
  • Restore volume to diminish nasolabial folds
  • Results often seen instantly
  • Comfortable and no downtime


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