Hair regrowth laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment and can be undergone by both men and women in most stages of hair loss. If you want faster results, now you can have the ultimate in thicker, fuller hair with the new 90 Laser Dome.

The Benefits of using hair regrowth lasers include:

  • Controlling hair loss in men and women of all ages
  • Stimulates re-growth of scalp hair
  • Strengthen, improve and thicken existing hair
  • Improve the condition, quality and overall cosmetic appearance of hair
  • Thicker, Fuller and Healthier Hair
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to hair transplants

The 90 Laser Dome

The device we use in the clinic is called Dome 90 Laser hair treatment. It comes with 90 lasers and a fully adjustable stand.

Because of the longer hair, and the more diffused thinning pattern, women will do best with the 90 laser dome. It gives the best coverage and has enough lasers to make it through the longer hair of women. For female hair loss, the 90 laser dome is the right choice.

With the power of ninety lasers, the new dome makes it possible to have the absolute best coverage possible.

1 treatment - 30 minutes/60$
10 sessions - $300 (30$/each)
20 sessions - $400 (20$/each)

Monthly Membership
Contract for 1 year - $150/month
Contract for 6 months - $200/month

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