Microblading is a modern eyebrow shaping technique that draws every hair.  The pigment is inserted manually with a fine needle, in accordance with their growth, so that the eyebrows are natural, expressive and neat.

 Permanent eyebrow makeup is a procedure during which special dyes are injected under the skin. In our clinic, permanent makeup is performed in two techniques:  shading (pencil effect) and hair stroke method. After shading, the eyebrows look as if they were summed up with a pencil or put shadows. The hair stroke method involves drawing each hair, so the question arises: what is its difference from microblading?

Microblading is one type of permanent makeup. During microblading, pigment is introduced manually, while permanent make-up is done with a machine. In addition, the line drawing with the technique of microblading thinner, and the depth of penetration of the pigment is less, due to this there are practically no side effects.

The very first difference between microblading and permanent makeup is that permanent makeup can be done on multiple areas of the face. You can have it done to your eyebrows while also having it “applied” on the lips as lipstick and the eyelids as eyeliner.

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