ND: YAG Treatment for Vascular Lesions

(Spider veins, Telangiectasia, Hemangiomas)

Vascular Lesions are usually the most common birthmarks, yet they can also arise shortly after birth.

The chromophore for vascular lesions is known to be intravascular oxyhemoglobin, therefore thermal harm is restricted to a great extent to cutaneous blood veins.

The common complications of vascular lesions include bleeding, infection, and ulceration, which is a development of a break in the skin that does not heal naturally.

The vitality from the laser is consumed by the blood in the vein, changed over into heat, and therefore the vein walls get destroyed. In examination with different wavelengths, which fundamentally influence the surface layers of a vascular tumor, Nd:YAG light additionally focuses on the basic vascular feeding system, which is imperative for guaranteeing the long haul viability the treatment.

This procedure is flawlessly protected as other veins supply blood to the treated part of the body and therefore the dead tissues disappear from the immune system.

The treatments for the removal of vascular tumors may be performed with several Fotona techniques: XP Line, StarWalker, and QX MAX. Moreover, all those techniques are equipped with VSP technology, therefore laser is able to go deeply into the skin in order to create thermal effects.

This procedure does not require anaesthesia, and there is no special post-care process necessary.

In general, there is no specific amount of treatments required, since it all depends on the individual. However, the price of the procedure varies from $200 to $300 according to the size and state of the lesion.



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