O-Shot and Fotona Laser

Sexual issues? Orgasm disorders? Urinary Incontinence to Coughing, Sneezing or Physical Activity?

All of this is because of the looseness of vaginal tissues due to birth giving, aging and menopause. At Ideal Body Clinic we offer you the solution: Vaginal regeneration in 2 steps.

The O-Shot treatment at the Ideal Body Clinic, is a treatment of Intimate Injections Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This treatment consists of taking a blood from the arm, centrifuging it, transferring the PRP into syringes and injecting the PRP under the clitoral hood and the peri-urethral region. This treatment makes the tissues softer, more sensitive and more elastic and lubricated when stimulated.

For vaginal tightening, at Ideal Body Clinic we use a non-invasive FOTONA laser, which will stimulate the remodeling and synthesis of new collagen fibers. The treatment of vaginal rejuvenation is quick and easy to perform its effective, pain free and safe procedure. Tissues rejuvenation make the vaginal walls thicker and tighter it prevent urine loss and increase sexual pleasure.

By combining these two treatments you could have great and lasting results.

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