The P-Shot is a treatment that is non-surgical designed to deliver lasting benefits!

This simple injection Will effectively treat erectile dysfunction and stimulate sexual function for better sexual well-being.

P-Shot is a medical treatment that improves and restores healthy sexual function and greater satisfaction for men. Stronger erections, greater sexual satisfaction, better intimacy and amplified orgasms, are all potential benefits. P-Shot offers lasting results that you can not get with drugs, creams or other procedures.

The process involves drawing a small amount of blood from the arm, then transferring it to a centrifuge, where it spins for about 10 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the platelet-poor plasma (PPP). The PRP is then taken from the tube and re-injected. This simple, almost painless injection will increase blood flow and quickly increase your sexual performance and sensitivity.


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