Pain medications are often effective to manage pain but have their dangers in addiction and dependency. “Opioid medications present some risk… A structured review of 67 studies found that 3 percent of chronic noncancer pain patients regularly taking opioids developed opioid abuse or addiction, while 12 percent developed aberrant drug-related behavior”.

With Combination of the best selected treatments, we provide the real solution to the chronic pain whether it is caused by exercising, training, or simply everyday lifestyle.

Using body ’s regenerative ability, Shockwave therapy accelerates tissue repair, which therefore provides an effective pain relief and improves quality of life.

The Fotona SP Dynamis laser has special settings that allow for the technician to apply heat deep into the skin and muscle tissues and right down to the bones and the connective tissues that surround them, leaving the surface of the skin much cooler than the deeper layers. This heat helps to loosen up the tissues that it is targeting, thereby allowing lymphatic fluid to flow more easily and detoxify the area. This reduces swelling which can cause tension and pain in any area. The heat also helps to stimulate the creation of connective tissues, helping to strengthen the area in question.

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary treatment which will help you recover from muscle aches and also reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. . This treatment not only can drastically improve your athletic performance, but it is also performed to increase metabolic boost, decrease fatigue, reduce muscle soreness from heavy training, increase circulation and overall skin improvement is also expected.

Having laser therapy for pain in conjunction with massage therapy or other compatible therapies is an effective and healthy alternative to increased pain medication. Clients have been able to reduce or eliminate the need for pain meds which has obvious benefits.


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