It is a non invasive treatment that targets the fat cells underneath the skin by selectively freezing stubborn fat pockets. Coolsculpting is a safe and effective treatment.

  • 4 cycles for 2400$


A non-surgical solution for stubborn fat that increases lymphatic drainage by 400 times, reduces

fat cells, smoothens cellulite, firms the skin and sculpts your body.

  • 5 treatments for 350$

Slimwave Body

This electro muscle stimulation enables natural muscle contractions safely and effortlessly to

create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength.

  • 5 treatments for 325$


Fotona 2D

2D by Fotona involves intraoral smooth lifting and piano skin tightening. It is a non-surgical “face-lift” procedure which revitalizes the face from the inside out.

  • 1 treatment 250$
  • 4 treatments for 800$ 

4D Fotona

4D by Fotona involves intraoral smooth lifting + skin resurfacing or piano skin tightening + double chin removal

  • 1 treatment for 400$
  • 5 treatments for 1500$

Smooth Eye by Fotona

A procedure is used to target volume through collagen induction that allows to improve the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes.

  • 3 treatments for 390$
  • 5 treatments for 625$

Micro Laser Peel

  • 1 treatment $ 250
  • 4 treatments $ 800

Hot sculpting

It is a contouring non-invasive procedure that allows the fat to burn and also tightens the skin. Laser tenderly and securely warms the fat to the point of cell demise which are then prepared or disposed of from the body.

  • 6 treatments for 720$

Treatment for Acne & Acne scars

Fotona uses a high-power laser to penetrate into the skin and target bacteria that produces inflammation associated with acne.

  • 1 treatment for 150$
  • 3 treatments for 360$

Treatments for the face

Reduces the signs of age spots, irregular pigmentation, improve facial redness, boost collagen production, improves pores size.

  • 4 treatments for 400$
  • 2 treatments of Microdermabrasion +2 IPL for 500$
  • 4 treatments of Chemical Peel for 400$
  • 5 Liftmassages for face +5 oxygen infusion for 500$

A non-invasive treatment that provides face lifting, wrinkle reduction, natural collagen production, eye puffiness reduction, face contour control.

Hair Removal

  • Full Body Laser Hair Removal for 1500$


It’s a non-surgical treatment that prevents skin-aging and restores our collagen production. Profound can meticulously target the deepest layers of tissue, using innovative radio-frequency heat. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, tightens, smooths, and lifts the skin.

  • 1 zone for 2000$ or 2 zones for 2450$


  • Sculptra 1 treatment for 600$ or 2 treatments 1000$
  • Botox 20 units for $ 160
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1 syringe (0.5 ml) from $ 289
  • Syringe 1 ml of hyaluronic acid for $ 599 and 20 units of botox for FREE!
  • 4 Micro needling for 800$

This treatment helps to minimize small wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars, including post-acne facial scars, in all skin types and with minimal downtime.

  • “Vampire facial” PRP 600$

Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Rejuvenation is a leading-edge procedure that harnesses the healing power of platelets and growth factors from your blood to stimulate a stem cell response. These stem cells help you to grow new collagen and blood vessels, repair and regenerate damaged skin, and help slow and reverse the signs of aging.

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