Trichology is the scientific study of disorders of the hair and scalp, including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and the chemical and physical makeup of the hair and skin.  The hair and scalp can be affected by imbalances inside the body and trichologists look at the hair, scalp, and systems of the body as one.  A trichologist can help get to the underlying cause of your problem. Trichologists address the issue as a whole and examine a person’s diet, lifestyle, personal hygiene, hair care practices, nutrition, medical history, and genetics to see what contributes to the hair or scalp disorder.” Some of the problems a trichologist can help with include chronic itching or scaling of the scalp, a sudden bald patch that has appeared on the scalp, excessive hair loss all over the scalp, or hair breakage from chemicals.

Sometimes your hair and scalp concerns are symptoms of a something related to your health, so tea rinses and oil massages are not always the best treatments. Dermatology, trichology, and cosmetology all have limitations, and if you are unsure of how to address your hair care and scalp issues, our Ideal Body clinic will learn you more about it, and will guide you through all the process with the right professional.

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