Vaginal tightening and female urinary incontinence

There are several urogynecological problems that occur in women as they age. One of the most important ones :
  • Do I involuntarily leak urine when I run, climb stairs, sneeze or laugh (also called urinary incontinence)?
There is a simple and safe solution to treat the above.

It involves an in-office laser procedure that takes about 45 minutes. The effects are immediate and long-term, and involve no downtime and minimal side effects.

This is a revolutionary approach to treating women with “urogenital syndrome of menopause” an area of medicine that was previously neglected by medical practitioners.

The Fotona IncontiLase® is a non-invasive laser treatment for mild to moderate Stress Urinary Incontinence. (SUI).

The IntimaLase® laser treatment is designed to restore elasticity and moisture in the vaginal canal, also referred to as Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. The laser actually helps to create vaginal tightening.

There is a high level of satisfaction (97%) both for urinary incontinence and sexual function and sensitivity. There is an escalation of results with subsequent treatments.

There is no down time and there are no adverse events.


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