• What is permanent makeup?
    The permanent makeup is a tattoo which is created by the insertion of thin needles in the dermis. These ultra-thin needles contain mineral or synthetic pigments specially created for dermopigmentation. They do not penetrate deep into the dermis, only in the upper skin of the tattooed area just above the small blood vessels.
    How long does permanent makeup last?
    • Permanent does not necessarily mean that it will last forever. This is not a definitive make up. The treated areas of the face will not be swollen or red, except for the eyes. which can be swollen but not longer than 48 hours.
    • You can use classic makeup the next day but make sure to be gentle around the treated areas.
    • The sun and too much contact with water (bath, pool, etc.) is to be avoided for about ten days.
    • Two weeks later, you could still feel that the treated zone is a little bit red.
    • After a few days, it is possible for you to itch or develop crusty patches. Do not scratch, it could take off the colour of your makeup. This reaction is normal; it is a sign that it is healing properly.
    • The colour of the makeup is always darker in the beginning. After a month, the colour will stabilize itself to take the colour chosen initially. The colour will fade with the natural exfoliation of your skin.
    • You will have to return to the professional who did your permanent makeup in less than a month after the treatment for touch-ups.
    Please note that the first touch up is $50tx, and the second is $100tx.
    Ideal Body Clinic and its employees are not responsible for the effects and results achieved. No guarantee or reassurance has been promised to the result of the treatment, as it varies according to the patient's condition.
  • The contraindications
    • Severe diabetes
    • Renal or hepatic impairment
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Dermatologically active disease (herpes, conjunctivitis, etc)
    • Hemophilia
    • Use of cardiac prosthesis
    • Severe allergies
    • congenital immunodeficiency
    • Treatment or Accutane Vitamin A acid
    Please note that all products and services provided are not subject to refund. However, they can be exchanged or be credited the precedingly paid amount or the remaining balance.
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